Crowds at Supreme Court as cordon eased

Written By Michael Maunda on Saturday, March 30, 2013 | 6:02 AM

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 30 – Huge crowds of people started gathering metres away from the Supreme Court on Saturday afternoon after police eased a cordon around the court building.

Earlier, roads near Supreme Court had been barricaded with trucks and a heavy police presence.

But groups of young men started gathering and by mid afternoon, the crowds had swelled as they pushed their way closer to the court building chanting.

“We want to stay here so that we can hear what the judges will say,” some could be heard shouting from the crowd.

Even though their presence was in regard to the Supreme Court decision, some started complaining about MPs’ salaries, high cost of living and other issues unrelated to the court decision.

One of the police officers who sought anonymity said: “I never understand some Kenyans… no matter what you tell them, they will always choose to do the opposite. People were told not to gather here, but like you can see, people are now here. They just enjoy provoking us,” he said.

The General Service Unit officer also said that some Kenyans are fond of accusing police of mistreating them yet they are the ones who always fall on the wrong side of the law.

“Some of them you see here, they want to be seen on television when we are disciplining them so that they can be told that police used excessive force. We are trying our best but some of them can get disorderly and we are compelled to use our force. We don’t want anyone to disturb peace,” he added.

The crowds however were contained by police who ensured they did not access the Supreme Court or engage in other unlawful activities within the Central Business District.

The security officers also assured Kenyans that nothing would go wrong due to deployment of massive security personnel, not just within Nairobi but across major towns in the country.

Several shops which had remained open throughout the morning were shut in the early afternoon.