Kenyatta University Student Exposing His Genitals Everywhere

Written By Michael Maunda on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | 10:21 PM

They are called exhibitionists and they are increasing in numbers. Recently, Siku Njema author Ken Walibora was arrested in the US after one of the ladies he exposed his genitals to, reported him to the authorities. He reportedly told the officers that it was not his first time to do so. He said that he had an 'exposing' problem.

Walibora's incident may have happened miles away, but it is now worrying that the trend is picking up locally. Kenyatta University students have been complaining about one of their fellow student who has been going round exposing his genitalia to random ladies. Unlike Walibora, this student takes it a step higher by actually masturbating before his 'audience'. This he does until he thinks someone will stop him, when he walks away. 

A concerned student sent this message to 'Its Only in KU' Facebook page admin.
"hi admin thea is thz guy who roams at oml (lecture halls) since last fri, when he sees ladies he jerks his dick off but when he notices that guys are going to stop him he runs away. we all suspect that the guy might be having mental or kamotee influence juu.his manhood is always lying outside his trousers. is thz normal n whats happening to our k.u brothers?"

It seems several other students have seen him because another student commented, "I know that guy he has specks and likes wearing a half sweater grey in colour. I once sat nxt to him in PML (Library), he masturbated the whole afternoon, i confronted hm and he said he is shy that girls dnt like him, thatz the only solution, he also said he is from murang'a and he also fears he may mess wth a girl and his father is a strict bishop from Makuyu, Murang'a"

Several other people recounted spotting the guy and their thoughts on his actions.
" Kumbe its crias?nlimuona around adm n thot hakuwa anajua...olmost told hm bt thenks God i ddnt"

"yah i saw the guy comp centre...ooh God av mercy" Margaret Nambiro

"i saw him outside sc juzi..........."  Joy Waithaka

"Saw hm at EF 2,crazy" Ruth Mugwe

"saw him at sz last Friday.wierdo" Phyllis Kagiina

" lol yea i saw tht guy at s.c nd amazingly anakuanga ame mbao al the tym...its lyk hez on viagra ama ecstacy pills o.0 " Nikiita  

Going by the comments, it emerged that man has no preferred location considering the distance between the mentioned places ie. OML lecture halls, Administration Offices, Computer Centre, SC and EF.