Philip Moi pays Sh8.1 million to Pluda

Written By Michael Maunda on Thursday, August 9, 2012 | 12:39 AM

Philip Moi has finally paid his estranged wife the Sh8.1 million he owes her as child support and maintenance arrears. Philip agreed to pay the money to Rosanna Pluda as ordered by the High Court to avoid arrest. The court had reinstated the warrant after he failed to pay the arrears when ordered to do so early this year.

Moi through his lawyer Kwengu & Company advocates entered into an agreement with his estrange wife Rossana who is represented by Judy Thongori and paid the Sh8,190,000 arrears through a banker's cheque. This brings his child support payments up to date and also lifts the warrant for his arrest that had been issued by the High Court— subject to the bankers cheques being cleared. 

Philip also consented to pay another Sh250,000 per month with the next payment due by September 1. The arrest warrants will be reinstated if Philip fails to pay any monthly installment. Yesterday, a jubilant Rosanna said she had been vindicated in her struggle to get justice for herself and her children. "I want to thank all those Kenyans who stood by me. It is a vindication that we, irrespective of our status, are all equal under the law," Rosanna said.

Rossana had been carrying out a campaign to try and force the police to act on the warrants of arrest that had been issued against her former husband when he refused to pay the child support and maintenance arrears. She claimed the police had deliberately failed to act on the arrest warrants even though she had on numerous occasions advised them of his whereabouts.

Yesterday, Rossana said the withdrawal of her ex-husband's police security last week may have compelled him to pay the arrears as he had been ordered by the police. In March, Philip escaped arrest after police refused to receive the arrest warrant issued by Justice GBM Kariuki who wanted Philip arrested and held in civil jail for one month at Industrial Area Prison for one month for blatantly refusing to meet the obligations to his wife and children. The arrest warrant was reinstated last month after the court dismissed several applications by Philip challenging the court decision that he pay his ex-wife.

Source: The Strar