STL’s ‘Kudinyana’ shocks fans

Written By Michael Maunda on Sunday, December 1, 2013 | 7:58 PM

Rapper, STL’s controversial song leaked last week, causing widespread shock among her major following.

The explicit track which was reportedly not meant to be released, prompted the siren to do immediate damage control.

Stella Mwangi's camp issued a statement, namely revealing, “The Leaked content that has Stella Mwangi and Collo's vocals was a studio session that went down last year around November-December at Bernsoft Studio. The producer Big Soul, Stella Mwangi, Collo and Mimmo were working on a record - "Floss Na Wewe", via Ghafla.

After apologising to the fans and revealing they were in no way involved with the explicit video that was posted on YouTube, STL stated, "Collo and I owe you one big record next year, don't give up on us just yet", via Ghafla.