How Kenya Plane Crash was Prophesized by Dr Owour

Written By Michael Maunda on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 | 12:16 AM

In a video posted on his website and on youtube, Dr Owuor shares his prophecy and how the Lord spoke to him about severe distress in air travel that will be witnessed soon.

“The Lord has spoken with me today. The lord has talked to me about tremendous distress that is coming to the phase of the earth. He has spoken to me about the events that mark the sight of the coming of the messiah, that the nations that will listen to this and prepare, to them shall be given portion of eternity before the throne of Jehovah in heaven.” Says Dr Owuor.

In a phone conversation to Jesus is Lord on May 15th 2012, he says that the lord spoke to him about 4ocklock in the morning  about a tremendous distress coming to aviation where the lord took him to a plane where he saw a plane try to take off, then it turned around trying to make its way back to the land full of passengers, it runs into difficulty and immediately it plunges into the ocean and tries to make its way back again to the land. He says distress will visit the earth again, severe distress is coming to air travel soon, it will be a massive distress.

The Prophet he foresees a distress in air travel which we will soon see in our news. He refers to the bible in the book of Matthews 24:7.

Cause of the Plane Crash
The coming of the messiah is written in the bible and the prophet is not sure what caused the plane crash, he doesn’t know whether its mechanical problem or weather.

This prophecy comes just moments before the French President Francoise Ollande presidential jet was hit by lightening Tuesday 15th May 2012 on its way to Berlin. Another air cargo crash landed in Ghana on June 2nd 2012 crashed into a bus Killing 10 people. The plane crashed after a failed landing attempt.

Another Deadly crash prophesized by Dr Owuor is the the Dana air flight 992 from Abuja, Nigeria where all 153 passengers and crew were killed. 

The most catastrophic air crash in Kenya involved a police helicopter which killed 2 cabinet ministers in Kenya. Other people on board that plane we the two pilots and two security officers. All of them perished in the Ngong Forest Plane Crash on 10th June 2012. Could this be one of the Dr. Owuor prophesies? 

In his website “repenandpreparethe “ there are several other fulfilled prophesies and prophecy alerts. Only time will tell about the rest.