Fear as extremists take over Mombasa mosque

Written By Michael Maunda on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | 1:22 AM

Fear as extremists take over Mombasa mosque
The muslim community now live in distress after the Sakina Jamia Mosque was attacked on Friday.
Fears are mounting after radical Islamists forcibly seized the place of worship, causing anxiety in anticipation of more attacks throughout Mombasa.

Imams and Muslim leaders have reportedly met in secret to discuss a way forward and attempt to put an end to the violence.

Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar revealed in a statement on Monday, “Political and religious leaders should take responsibility and hold talks with the youth who have defied the Imams”, via The Standard.

The unruly youths were allegedly under the leadership of a radical Islamist. The attackers are believed to be sympathisers of the late radical Islamist, Sheikh Aboud Rogo.