Kenyatta proposes "worrying" amendment

Written By Michael Maunda on Sunday, December 1, 2013 | 8:15 PM

The media has been up in arms about President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposed version of the Kenya Information and Communication (Amendment) Bill.

He is opposed to the KICA Bill,  passed by the National Assembly. He noted his dissaproval in the memorandum he issued, which has since caused uproar with citizens and media institutions alike. Deeming it "even more dangerous clauses and punitive sections that sound a death knell to freedom of expression."

Via the Standard, "The Bill still undermines the freedom and independence of the media by seeking to confer on the state-controlled Communications Commission of Kenya (now renamed Communication Authority of Kenya) power to regulate and control media, thereby encroaching on the functions and responsibilities of an independent statutory organ, the Media Council of Kenya."
Unrest in the governemnet has ensued, in lieu of what has been said to be "draconian"changes on the bill. The Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga went as far as accusing Kenyatta of not keeping his word to Kenyans