Top public servants costing taxpayer Sh123m per month

Written By Michael Maunda on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | 10:54 PM

The Public Service is fast becoming a lucrative employment sector with enhanced salaries for State officers.
A look at the wage bill of 15 independent commissions reveals attractive salary packages comparable to those paid CEOs in the private sector.

The salaries and allowances of the 72 commissioners and 98 judges is costing taxpayers Sh123.3 million per month, out of which Sh71.7 million caters for their salaries. Sh51.5 million is paid as allowances.
Kenyans have been more focused on the salaries of the Members of Parliament they have now labelled greedy and self-centred. (READ: MPs fight back in pay package row)

But the salary packages of members of commissions established by the Constitution bring in more state officers in the high earners bracket.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga takes home Sh1.27 million while his deputy pockets Sh1.004 million. This package excludes official transport.

Also taking home over Sh1 million in salary is the chairperson of the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution Mr Charles Nyachae.

Mr Nyachae’s monthly pay-slip has Sh1.244 million on it. His deputy is not far behind with Sh1.127 million.

Refusing offer
Kenyans will remember how the commissioners fought for an enhanced salary package, with the chairman refusing to take an initial offer of Sh400,000. He refused to assume office until Treasury bowed to the demands, which indicates that the initial offer was tripled.
He was, last week, at the centre of bashing in Parliament. MPs, agitated that he was among those who criticized their recent foiled attempt to secure a hefty send-off package, say he is equally guilty on matters of pay.

CIC members also enjoy an attractive salary package, each taking home Sh1.092 million. The commission is accused of arm-twisting Treasury before landing the lucrative deal.
The TSC chairperson takes home Sh522,365 which includes a basic pay of Sh292, 765 and allowances. The vice chairperson earns Sh472,660, a package that includes allowances and a basic pay of Sh262,060. Members earn Sh408,560, Sh232,960 of it as basic pay.
Members of the Public Service Commission take home a slightly lower package compared to the rest at Sh442,660, which includes a basic salary of Sh262,060.

The CIC is the most lucrative closely followed by the Judicial Service Commission, the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.
The salary packages were tabled in Parliament by Finance assistant minister Dr Oburu Oginga following demands by MPs.

The CJ’s package includes Sh782,220 basic salary, Sh100,000 house allowance, Sh120,000 entertainment allowance, Sh185,000 extraneous allowance, Sh13,000 non-practicing allowance and Sh69,500 domestic staff allowance.

His deputy’s package has Sh586,800 basic salary, a house allowance of Sh100,000, and the same amount as entertainment allowance, Sh150,000 extraneous allowance, Sh55,000 domestic staff allowance and the non-practicing allowance.