Teachers’ fresh push for 300pc salary rise

Written By Michael Maunda on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | 10:57 PM

Teachers will on Thursday ask for a fresh 300 per cent pay rise.
The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has invited representatives of the Kenya National Union of Teachers to a fresh round of talks on Thursday afternoon meant to reach a deal on new salaries.

Schools are just now settling to normal teaching after three weeks of a work boycott, which only ended after teachers were given higher perks.

The talks are expected to be completed within the next two months, ahead of the Salary and Remuneration Commission’s December 31 deadline of the first cycle of negotiation for public servants.

Teachers’ fresh push for 300pc salary rise
Knut Secretary General
Thereafter, the negotiations will happen every four years. The recent allowance package was backdated to July 1, meaning that their salaries this month will include the arrears.
Under the new terms, the lowest paid teacher will take home a basic salary of Sh19,323 up from Sh13,750 while the highest paid will earn Sh144,928, up from Sh120,270.
The teachers will also get hardship and special schools allowances at 30 per cent and 10 per cent of their basic salaries, respectively.

The government immediately passed on the burden to the taxpayer by imposing widely unpopular taxes.

The teachers’ union has now proposed a new increment that could treble salaries.
TSC secretary Gabriel Lengoiboni, in a letter sent out to targeted Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) officials, said a consultative committee had been formed to look into the terms and conditions of service for the teachers.

National chairman Wilson Sossion, acting secretary-general Xavier Nyamu, treasurer Albanus Mutisya and assistant national treasurer Richard Kibagendi have been invited to the meeting with the TSC.

Mr Sossion on Wednesday evening confirmed receiving the invitation letter. According to the union’s new proposals, the lowest paid teacher in the P1 job group would see the basic salary go up from Sh16,692 a month to Sh58,863.

The highest earning teacher in that category would earn Sh68,355 up from Sh21,304.
The lowest paid graduate teacher I, who started earning Sh35,910 this month, would jump to Sh106,652 from July next year if the government approves the new proposals.
According to the proposals, the highest paid teacher currently, a chief principal would earn between Sh282,705 and Sh321,705.

Two new job groups
Currently, the salary ranges between Sh109,089 and Sh144,928. According to the proposals, the union is now proposing two new job groups — S and T.
Holders of the positions will be referred to as chief principal II and chief principal I. A chief principal II would earn salaries of between Sh300,705 and Sh348,705 a month.

Source: Nation Media