Saitoti and Ojode Feared Dead in Ngong Forest Plane Crash

Written By Michael Maunda on Sunday, June 10, 2012 | 1:12 AM

Latest News in Kenya over a light plane crash in Ngong Hills: We have received breaking news that a light aircraft has crashed this morning in Ngong Forest, Kenya. All the bodies of the plane crash have been burnt beyond recognition. Confirmed reports states that Professor George Saitoti the current minister of Internal security and his deputy Orwa Ojode were among the occupants of that plane which was headed for Homabay for a fundraiser.

According to eye witnesses, the plane was seen going round and round before a loud bang. According to the Red cross officials, all the bodies on the plane were burnt beyond recognition.

It’s said that the airplane had 6 people on board amongst them being, Cabinet Minister Prof. George Saitoti, Assistant Internal Security Minister Joshua Orwa Ojode, 2 Pilots and 2 Bodyguards on the plane.

Eye witnesses on the ground say that the Plane is completely burnt, what is visible on the ground is just a propeller and some debris that are destroyed. The accident happened around 9:05am Sunday Morning.

It’s suspected that the plane crash was caused by the nature of the flying zone being a thick forest. The Cabinet Minister and His Colleague were headed for an official visit in Ndiwa constituency, Orwa OJodes home.

The Accident scene is reportedly to be closed by security agents and air crash investigation officials, however there are many people surrounding the area who look very shocked by the accident.
Similar plane accident happened the same day four years ago claiming lives of senior officials in Kenya Government including Roads Minister Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Loboso on 10th June, 2008.  

Internal Security Minister Prof. George Saitoti
Another eye witness on the ground says that the plane burnt into flames and everything is seriously burnt. A few hours after the Accident, the Prime Minister Raila Odinga in a rally in Nakuru Sunday Morning disrupted the rally and turned into a morning saying that the two were good statesmen. The PM Cancelled the Rally that was scheduled for Sunday Morning.

The Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and other government officials rushed to the accident scene after they heard about the plane crash accident that had claimed the lives of senior politicians and cabinet ministers. 

Many international radion and TV stations have aired the breaking news. One of the Aljazera correspondents shared that there is a possibility of foul play since the Minister had declared to run for presidential elections in the next general elections in Kenya.

Prof. George Kinuthia Saitoti (born 1945) is a mathematician, politician, and former Vice President of Kenya. He currently serves as Minister for Internal Security.

History and Biography of Saitoti

Saitoti had declared his presidential ambition for the next coming presidential elections in Kenya.

He was a Kenyan politician, businessman and American and British-trained economist, mathematician and development policy thinker. As academician, Saitoti served as Head of the mathematics department University of Nairobi, pioneered the founding of the African Mathematical Union and served as its Vice President (1976-1979). 

Saitoti joined politics as a nominated Member of Parliament and Minister for Finance in 1983, rising to become Kenya’s longest serving Vice-President, a proficient Minister for education, Internal Security and Provincial Administration and Foreign Affairs.

Joshua Orwa Ojode
He left KANU and joined the opposition, becoming a kingpin figure in the negotiations that led to the “NARC Revolution” in 2002. As Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs and key member of the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC), Saitoti oversaw the launch of the war on the Al-Shabab terrorist militia as part of the African Union’s efforts to stabilize Somalia. 

For decades, rival factions have invoked the infamous Goldenberg fraud to knock him out of politics, but the legal courts cleared him of the scandal in July 2006. Saitoti’s dual heritage as a Maasai with Kikuyu family members predisposes him to a pan-Kenyan vision, but also denies him a strong ethnic base unlike his competitors.