MPs demand to know Uhuru, Mudavadi role as Raila deputies

Written By Michael Maunda on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | 12:48 PM

MPs have demanded an explanation on the role of Deputy Prime Ministers Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi from the government.

They wanted a brief on the work flow at the Prime Minister's office and the role of his two deputies.

The MPs were concerned that when Prime minister Raila Odinga fails to appear in Parliament to respond to questions by MPs, his two deputies are never there to take up the responsibility on the PM's behalf.

The issue was raised by Garsen MP Danson Mungatana (Narc Kenya) as the House waited for Mr Odinga to give his statement during the Prime Minister's Question Time Wednesday afternoon.
The PM came in a few minutes later and it was during that time that queries on the role of his deputies arose.

Mr Mungatana and Nominated MP Millie Odhiambo (ODM) said the country needed to get value for money, and it was important that taxpayers get their due.

"What are they getting the perks for? Do they deserve to earn that money and the perks," Ms Odhiambo posed.

Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto (ODM) suggested that responsibilities for the two deputy prime ministers be re-allocated to other ministers describing Mr Mudavadi and Mr Kenyatta as back-benchers.  

"How can members of the back-bench come here to respond to our questions and the country needs to know whether they are still earning from those titles. We need value for money. They are unable to do their work,"  said Mr Ruto.

Trade minister Moses Wetang'ula, the only minister in the House at the time, had been called upon by the Speaker to respond to MPs questions on the role of the two deputy premiers.

While he was categorical that their positions had not been scrapped and that the two attend Cabinet meeting as ministers, Mr Wetang'ula said he was unaware of how Mr Odinga and his two deputies operate in as far as sharing assignments was concerned.

When he came to the House, Mr Odinga also confirmed to the MPs that Mr Kenyatta and Mr Mudavadi always attend Cabinet meetings. 

He explained that he did not delegate responsibilities to the two saying issues raised by MPs would be addressed "another day."

"They (the issues) are part of coalition challenges that will be addressed with time," Mr Odinga told the House.

The Prime minister and his two deputies can only be removed from the office through a confidence vote in Parliament.

Source: Daily Nation