Cord unveils referendum agenda list

Written By Michael Maunda on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 | 11:23 PM

Cord unveils referendum agenda list
Cord unveils referendum agenda list
THE opposition yesterday released its official proposed amendments that will form the basis to conduct a referendum to amend the Constitution.

The draft proposals by the Okoa Kenya Committee of Experts will be launched this morning at the Bomas of Kenya in an event to be graced by Cord leader Raila Odinga.

"This will commence the public participation phase of the popular initiative which will go on for the next 30 days all over the country. After this, the Committee shall retreat to draft the Constitution amendment Bill," Okoa Kenya Committee of Experts chairman Paul Mwangi said.

The first amendment will seek to increase the allocation to counties from 15 per cent to 45 per cent with 40 per cent going to the Counties and 5 per cent to be a Ward Equalisation Fund.

Okoa also wants to change the basis of calculating the allocations to county governments from “the most recent audited accounts of revenues received, as approved by the National Assembly” to “the previous year’s revenues received”.

Another amendment is to devolve infrastructure and administration of primary schools, special education and secondary schools to the county government.

However, employment, remuneration and administration of teachers and teachers’ affairs shall remain exclusively the mandate of the Teachers’ Service Commission.

Cord also wants the Constitution to place the Administration Police Service under the county governments while retaining the exclusive administration and operational command of the Inspector General of Police.

They also want the Constitution to require the National Police Commission to establish structures that will ensure liaison on security between the National Police Service and County Governments.

Cord also wants to abolish the provincial administration but retain chiefs and assistant chiefs in the employment or command of county governments with the same terms and conditions of service/employment.

On land, Cord wants a clear definition as regards the mandate and role of the National Land Commission by providing that it shall exclusively manage all registries, processes and dispositions in respect of Public and Community Land in Kenya.

They want the National Government to only formulate and implement the National Land Policy and exclusively manage all registries, processes and dispositions in respect of Private Land.

On elections, Cord wants the Constitution to provide that there shall be a returning officer of the Presidential, Senatorial and Governor elections in every constituency.

Cord also want to provide that commissioners of IEBC are nominated by parliamentary political parties and serve on a non-executive part time basis.

It argues that the assumption that there are Kenyans who have no political affiliations is not realistic and that even with disclosed political affiliations, persons can be fair and honest.

Another amendment provides that the issuance of a National Identity Card upon acquiring the age of majority is part of the entrenched political rights.

Okoa has also proposed that 30 per cent of all public appointments to Public Service in the National Government shall be reserved for minorities.

They also want to remove the powers of the President in the process of appointment of the Chief Justice, the Deputy Chief Justice and judges and to vest these powers exclusively within the Judicial Service Commission upon approval of Parliament.

Source: The Star