Are LUOs this primitive? See how they flocked Naivas to see 1st ever escalator in LUO Nyanza

Written By Michael Maunda on Friday, November 7, 2014 | 9:55 PM


There was drama after residents of Kisumu City flocked Naivas Supermarket on Kenyatta Avenue to witness the first ever escalator in the entire Luo Nyanza.

Young, old, fat slim all came to the supermarket, not for shopping, but to see for themselves the escalators, which they have heard stories about for years from Nairobi and probably Mombasa.
Adventurous residents made straight to the escalators and tried on the new craze but to their surprise many of them slipped and fell, while some braved themselves and showed their prowess in using the machines as their friends and relatives cheered.

Residents described the escalators as God-sent and vowed never to shop anywhere else but Naivas just to have another feel one more time.

“This machine is God-sent to this town. We are happy to have it here in Kisumu for the first time. We’ve only been hearing about it but finally it’s here,” said Michael Omondi, one of the shoppers.
“I am never shopping anywhere else but in Naivas, who would never want to use the new gadget again and again,” added Regina, another thrilled shopper.

Stupidly, some thanked the former PM for making devolution a reality as they can now feel the real meaning of devolution …. Eh Eh Eh

Source: 9robi