SHOCK! UHURU/ RUTO want to close Wilson Airport to grab land valued at 400 billion.

Written By Michael Maunda on Thursday, October 30, 2014 | 2:04 AM

Tuesday October 28, 2014 - Senior officials in the Jubilee Government are planning to close part of Wilson Airport and relocate it to another place so that they can grab land valued at Sh 400 billion.

According to a secret report seen by our sources, the Jubilee Government has written a letter to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCCA) requesting the authority to form a team that will strategize on how to relocate the Airport to a safer place.

In its recommendations, the Jubilee Government argues that the airport is so close to residential estates such as Phenom and Five Star Estates, South C and Funguo Estate, and it poses a serious threat to passengers, the crew and Kenyans.

Phenom Estate, which was marked for demolition a couple of years ago, belongs to a senior Jubilee politician and he is the one of those pushing for the relocation of the Airport.

Phenom Estate has four phases with 343 four-bed roomed houses. Of these, only two units in Phase 4 are yet to be sold. The rest were sold at Sh18.2 million each.

Deputy President, William Ruto, is also among senior Jubilee politicians who have interest in the relocation of Wilson Airport. Ruto owns the high end Weston Hotel and if the Airport is relocated, he will gain a lot because he will grab more land and continue to build his empire.

The source said the plan was hatched by senior Jubilee Government leaders who are powered by greed and money and they want Wilson Airport relocated so that they can grab the land.

Wilson Airport is the heart of tourism because it is the gateway to our game parks and reserves.

Wilson Airport has also employed over 6,000 people directly and thousands indirectly.
Source: kenyan-post