Kenyan minister says his life is in danger

Written By Michael Maunda on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 | 1:21 PM

Cabinet minister Mutula Kilonzo has said his life is in danger.

He told Parliament Tuesday that he received two messages in a span of 30 minutes in the afternoon telling him to "be ready to die". 

He said those sending him the threatening messages claimed responsibility for terrorist activities in Kenya, citing Sunday’s grenade attack in Mombasa.

The Education minister, who appeared disturbed by the messages, informed his parliamentary colleagues in a personal statement about the threats on his life, his family and his home after successfully moving debate on the TSC Bill, which sailed through.

“Those sending the messages are telling me to be ready to die,” he said.

He proceeded to report the matter to police after Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim directed that his security be beefed immediately in view of the threats.

Undermine noble efforts
Mr Kilonzo, who was recently transferred from the Ministry of Justice, said he is ready to die for a just cause but that he found it necessary to inform the House just in case the threats are executed.

 “People like me do not do things to please anyone, I only do what is right for this country,” he stated.

“As a Christian, I am always ready to die, but it shouldn’t come from the end of criminals and criminals out to undermine noble efforts,” he said.

He informed the National Security Intelligence Service about the threats. He told Parliament those threatening him have been using telephone numbers of their sponsors.

Mr Kilonzo wants police to trace and arrest those behind the threats. He said he has been threatened before but never bothered to inform the National Assembly Speaker.

“But with these two messages coming 30 minutes apart, I think you should know so that should anything happen to me then you will understand where it has come from, he said.
The Minister said he will not be intimidated. 

“They are in for a shock because I have no intention of changing the way I talk and do things as a minister and in this Parliament, I am ready to die…,” he said.

Mr Maalim said the threats will be taken seriously as they touch on the personal safety of MPs.
“This issue will be treated with all the seriousness it deserves,” he said, directing the Sergeant at Arms to move with speed and boost the minister’s security.

“The minister should discharge his duties without any fear…..terrorists or pseudo terrorists will not deter government officials or leaders from doing their work with diligence and commitment as they have done before,” he said.

Source: Daily Nation