Mudavadi Launches His Party: UDF?

Written By Michael Maunda on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 | 9:32 PM

UDF is to be launched today at 10.00 am as a coalition of political parties bringing together Mudavadi, who will also be unveiling his party as NPK, Uhuru, also to unveil his party as National Alliance Party, and Ruto (URP). This is info from well informed insiders. 

Others like Eugene Wamalwa and Najib Balala will also be expected as members of the group. It is not clear if Kalonzo will be joining the alliance but he will have no choice if he wants to remain relevant politically.

UDF is planned to be like NARC of 2002 bringing together major communities into one powerful national alliance. 

Unconfirmed reports from inside the group are that Mudavadi is tentatively envisaged as Presidential candidate, Uhuru his running mate and deputy Presidential candidate and Ruto as Leader of Majority in parliament.

Personally, i have no problem with Mudavadi as the Presidential candidate to face Raila if that is the 
deal our G7 leaders perceive as the surest way to decisively win power in the first round and prevent a complete disaster like Raila and his Western backers from seizing, enslaving and ruining our country.

Mudavadi as a Presidential candidate will also effectively de-fang the NDP tribalists and stop them in their tracks from using anti-Kikuyu campaign rhetoric and polarising the country like in 2007.