PNU Starts Membership Recruitment at the Coast Region

Written By Michael Maunda on Monday, January 9, 2012 | 1:17 AM

PNU starts the membership recruitment in the Coast region.

PNU chairman George Saitoti concurrently introduced his presidential strategy with Coast counties delegates achieving with Mombasa Women’s Connection Hall over the Weekend.

The particular delegates told the Minister to work together with grassroots leaders.
“Grassroots leaders are usually the main yet usually are left behind after political election like what took place in 2007 any time PNU females and also youths have been entirely neglected following elections, ” mentioned Sarafina Charo, a PNU delegate.

Leaders in the region challenged the party to address issues affecting the people in the coast to get their votes.

On top of the agenda was the need to comply with the political parties’ act where the members were reminded that the party could be deregistered if it did not recruit at least 1,000 members in each of the 47 counties.