Kenyans awaits ICC ruling as one Victim goes missing

Written By Michael Maunda on Sunday, January 22, 2012 | 10:15 PM

Kenyans are anxiously awaiting the decision of the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber today. The suspects Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Eldoret North MP William Ruto, suspended Cabinet minister Henry Kosgey, Postmaster-General Hussein Ali, public service head Francis Muthaura and radio presenter Joshua arap Sang will know their fate today 

Ruto and Uhuru urged Kenyans to embrace peace during this time. “We made a commitment that nobody will ever take arms against another Kenyan and it is this promise that will be demonstrated whatever the outcome of the ICC ruling will be,” Ruto said.

The verdict will be made public at 1.30pm East African Time.

Post Election Violence Victim Goes Missing
A post election violence victim whose children and wife were killed in Naivasha, has gone missing.
His mother has not heard from him for the last three months. 

Before he went missing in November last year, Mr Ndege had received several visitors and later complained that they threatened him.

He had also suspected that the visitors were acting on behalf of certain suspects who were afraid that he would give incriminating information against them to investigators from the ICC.
Mrs Ndege recalls a day in October last year that could have frightened her son, who had remarried after the loss of his first wife. 

A black pick up drove into their compound in the middle of the night and four hooded men emerged. They knocked on Mr Ndege’s door and asked his wife where he was. 

“He had sensed danger when he saw the pick up and hid under the bed. He also instructed his wife to tell the strangers that he had travelled,” recalled the mother. 

From then on, the pastor lived in fear and trusted nobody. “He didn’t know when these men would return. He either plotted to secretly live with his family or was kidnapped, ” says the mother.

“If they have killed him, can’t they give me his body to bury? I have not slept well since he went missing,” said his mother, Mrs Ogot