ENVIROFIT JIKO | Latest Cooking Method in Kenya

Written By Michael Maunda on Friday, September 30, 2011 | 12:07 AM

Radio Osienala in collaboration with paradigm Kenya and other foreign investors have come together to establish a cheaper and more reliable source of cooking which uses a cheaper mode of fuel.

The Envirofit Jiko G-3300 as it is popularly known is a stove that uses less firewood as compared to the normal Jiko that uses charcoal or firewood and these will enable us battle the rising fuel prices. 

Lighting the Jiko is easy and it produces fire that has less smoke in comparison to the normal three stone firewood.

Speaking to Kenya News Agency reporters Moses Peru an employee of paradigm Kenya  said that the Jiko was more friendly to our health as it does not emit much smoke and thus prevent disease such lung cancer, asthma and other lung related disease.  

He further revealed that the Jiko uses less firewood  and thus reduces deforestation it also produces only 15% smoke.

The Jiko which is made of fabric metal, casted iron and ceramic soil only cost kshs 2500 and has a granted life span of ten years.

Peru concludes by saying that the Jiko had been approved by the Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS)and that a cheaper version of the Jiko is also available but is less durable.